About Station and Web Site

The station is powered by a a Davis Vantage Pro II weather station.

Web Site Changes

Change Date Description of Changes
2019-03-04 (1) Updated the Weather Display Software used to drive the web site to version 10.37s Build 92
(2) On Main Page Changed The Weather Underground Zoom to CWOP Zoom. Weather Underground Rapid Fire Display Used Flash
(3) Removed Reference To WeatherBug From Site. WeatherBug Discontinued BackYard Data in May of 2018.
2019-03-03 (1) Updated Several Pages to Address Issues With PHP 7.2.x
(2) Updated Air Quality page to correct URL Issues
(3) Update Weather Underground (WU) History page to fix formatting issues
(4) Update The Weather Display Live Zoom Icon on the home page
2019-03-02 (1) Re-Design of the Site.
Several New Pages Added.
ICON indicates an external link opened in new table/window.
2015-07-20 Updated NWS Detail Forecast Page due to Feed Changes by NWS
  Forecasts -> NWS Detailed

Updated Home Page Section NWS Weather Forecast - Outlook due to Feed Changes by NWS
2015-05-25 Updated NWS Detail Forecast Page due to Feed Changes by NWS
  Forecasts -> NWS Detailed

Updated Earthquakes Page due to Feed Changes
  Almanac -> Earthquakes
2015-02-08 Updated menu structure
 1) Added: Published -> Weather Cloud
      We now publish weather to weathercloud.net
 2) Added: Published -> Citizen Weather Observation Program -> MesoWest
      Just a new source to display the CWOP information
Updated Interactive Radar Page
 1) Radar & Images -> Interactive Radar
      Replaced Zoom Weather with My-Cast
 2) Radar & Images -> Interactive Radar
      Added Intellicast Interactive Radar Updated Pages
Updated page:
 1) Maps & Charts -> Wind Chill Chart and Calculator
      URL Change for NWS Wind Chill Chart
2013-10-10 Updated the GeoLite City Data for the Who's Online Page
2013-09-28 Updated Metro Radar Zoom Page wxifzoom4.php5 on page /wxmetroradar.php5 to replace WX Widget that used IGoogle (iGoogle Going Away) with an iFrame page
2013-08-03 Updated the drop-down menu script to correct errors when running under PHP 5.4 or greater
2013-07-20 Update to Weather Display v10.37r Build 69 to fix Twitter Feed issue
2013-01-27 Updated two pages to correct image URL errors
  wxnwsiradar.php5 ; wxradars2.php5
2013-01-26 Corrected URL Errors on following pages to allow maps to be displayed
  wxwumap2.php5 ; wxwumap3.php5
Also add two new Weather Maps for Maximum Temp and Minimum Temp Midwest
  Maps & Charts --> Maps from Weather Underground --> Map Set 1
2013-01-24 Updated the following pages due to changes in Weather Underground map location URls
2012-07-03 Updated advforecast2.php(5) script from saratoga-Weather.org part of the Weather Website Templates for Weather Display. Updated required due to feed changes by NWS.
2012-01-17 Redesign of the web site is complete. There are several new pages and options, as well as some redesign of existing pages
2012-01-01 Redesigned the web site to make use of new Templates that support Plug-Ins
2011-12-19 Updated Weather Display Software to v10.37r Build 03
Updated Weather Display Live to V06.08
2011-08-18 Added new Interactive Radar
  Radar -> National Interactive
2011-06-01 Changed menu link to better reflect purpose
  Hazardous Weather -> Hazardous Weather Outlook Twin Cities
Added new menu option
  Forecasts -> National Weather Service Champlin Area
Renamed menu option
  Forecasts -> National Weather Service
  Forecasts -> National Weather Service Twin Cities Area
2011-04-23 Added new Twitter Feed
  Feeds -> Follow on Twitter
Added RSS and Twitter Feed to Published Menu
  Published -> Subscribe to RSS
  Published -> Follow on Twitter
2011-04-21 Added new RSS Feed
  Feeds -> Subscribe to RSS
2011-04-09 Modifed menu option
  Severe Weather -> Hazardous Weather to be a menu group
Renamed menu option
  Hazardous Weather Output -> Hazardous Weather Outlook Twin Cities
   and placed under: Severe Weather -> Hazardous Weather
Added new link for National Hazardous Weather
  Severe Weather -> Hazardous Weather -> National Hazardous Weather
2011-04-08 Updated the Watches, Warnings and Advisorys to use new NWS ATOM freeds on Home Page and on page
  Severe Weather -> Advisorys w/map
Add new local Coon Rapids Radar
  Radar -> Coon Rapids
2011-03-21 Added new Hydrologic Forecasts/Maps
  Forecasts -> Hydrologic Forecast (NWS)
  Maps & Charts -> Hydrologic (NWS)
2010-12-28 Upgraded the Drop-Down Menu Software to V1.02
Add a to Each External Web Link Menu Item
Updated Weather Display Software to V10.37q Build 10 to Correct End-of-Day Issues
Added New Page to MN Road Conditions
  Maps & Charts -> MN Road Conditions
New Radar Pages from National Weather Service
  Radar -> National Weather Service -> Minnesota
  Radar -> National Weather Service -> Minnesota Loop
  Radar -> National Weather Service -> Upper Midwest
Updated the Records Page to add some Color
  Almanac -> Weather Records -> All Time
Added new National Watches, Warnings and Advisory Page
  Severe Weather -> National Watches, Warnings and Advisories
2010-12-15 Removed Following Storm Information Pages as Stormpulse was going to start charging monthly fees for their information
  Severe Weather -> Storm Information -> USA Storms
  Severe Weather -> Storm Information -> Coon Rapids Storms
Changed Primary Menu Option Maps to Maps & Charts
Added New Page for NWS Wind Chill Chart & Calculation
  Maps & Charts -> NWS Wind Chill Chart & Calculation
2010-11-18 Removed Radar Page for Twin Cities Area (Server Stability Isssues)
  Radar -> Local
2010-11-04 New Weather Graphs
  Almanac -> Temperature -> Graphs
  Almanac -> Rain -> Graphs
  Almanac -> Wind -> Graphs
Modifed the Almanac -> Graphs menu - to -
  Almanac -> Graphs -> 24hr, 72hr, Month
  Almanac -> Graphs -> Temperature
  Almanac -> Graphs -> Rain
  Almanac -> Graphs -> Wind
2010-11-03 Added New Items to Map Menu for National Forecasts
  Maps -> National Forecast Model Maps -> 6 Hour Models
  Maps -> National Forecast Model Maps -> 12 Hour Models
  Maps -> National Forecast Model Maps -> 24 Hour Models
  Maps -> National Forecast Model Maps -> 36 Hour Models
  Maps -> National Forecast Model Maps -> 48 Hour Models
Menu Changes to Weather Underground Maps
  Maps -> Weather Underground 1 - to -
    Maps -> Weather Underground -> Radar, Satellite, HI
    Maps -> Weather Underground -> WC, Dew Point, Humidity
    Maps -> Weather Underground -> Temp, Visability, Prev 24hr pcpt
    Maps -> Weather Underground -> Wind, Fronts, UV
Removed Menu Maps -> Weather Underground 2
Added New National Forecast Maps
  Maps -> National Forecast Maps -> 12, 24, 36 & 48 Hours Out
2010-11-02 Slightly Modified Menu Structure for Almanac menu
Added new Wind Detailed Reports
  Almanac -> Wind -> Detailed
Updated the Rain Detail Page for Consistancy
  Almanac -> Rain -> Detailed
Fixed CWOP Status Page to Display Graphs
  About -> Status -> CWOP
2010-11-01 Added USA Weather Extremes to Bottom of Primary Page
Added Lasted Updated Link to Page Footers
Added Link for USA Weather Extremes
  Almanac -> USA Extremes
Modify Menu for Almanac -> History to include
  Almanac -> History -> Station History
  Almanac -> History -> USA On-This-Day
Added New Page for USA On-This-Day History
  Almanac -> History -> USA On-This-Day
Removed Day and Night Extremes, Bad Data
  Almanac -> Weather Records -> Day and Night Extremes
Modify Menu for Almanac -> Weather Records -> Temperature to
  Almanac -> Weather Records -> All Time
Add new Monthly Records Page
  Almanac -> Weather Records -> Monthly (Temp;Wind;Rain)
Updated/Correct Data on Page
  Almanac -> Weather Trends -> Temp & Rain
2010-09-11 Modified the CWOP Links Under Published Tab To
  Published -> Citizen Weather Observation Program -> On findu.com
  Published -> Citizen Weather Observation Program -> gladstonefamily.net
Added New Tab Links and Added Following Link
  Links -> MN APRSWXNET/CWOP Stations
2010-09-09 Joined the CWOP Program
Updated About -> Status to Include New Links
  About -> Status -> Site/NWS Radar
  About -> Status -> CWOP
Added Link to CWOP From Published Tab
  Published -> Citizen Weather Observation Program (CWOP)
2010-08-23 Added NOAA Style Climate Report Page
  Almanac -> NOAA Style Climate
2010-08-04 New Radar Page for Twin Cities Area (Using Weather Defender software)
  Radar -> Local
Added Current Nationwide Warnings to Home Page
  Severe Weather -> Current Warnings
Updated Temperature Average Page with Colors (Same Look and Feel)
  Almanac -> Temperature -> Ranges
2010-08-03 Completed Import of History Data that I have (Back to 07/16/2008)
Begin Data Validation and Correction for Imported History
2010-07-14 Corrected Data Errors for 1 Hour on 06/13
  Added Historical Data for Jan-Mar of 2010
  Started to Add Historical Data for 2009
2010-07-13 Updated the Air Quality Index Page
  Forecast -> Air Quality Index
  Special Thanks to Michael at relayweather.com for the Notification and Fix
2010-04-28 Added New Page for Weather History From Weather Underground
  Almanac -> History
2010-04-27 Added a temperature detailed page to
  Almanac -> Temperature -> Detailed
Changed the temperature averages page under
  Almanac -> Temperature -> Averages
Modify (split) Almanac -> Weather Trends Menu for Multiple Items
Added New Menu Option for Weather Trend Overview
  Almanac -> Weather Trends -> Overview
Added New Menu Option for Weather Trend Rain & Temp
  Almanac -> Weather Trends -> Temp & Rain
Renamed Menu Option Rain -> Historical to
  Almanac -> Rain -> Detailed
Added New Menu Option for Rain Summary Information
  Almanac -> Rain -> Summary
Added Wind Summary Page to Menu
  Almanac -> Wind -> Summary
2010-04-25 Now Publishing Weather to Anything Weather Site.
  Link Under Published Menu
Added Link to National Weather Service for MPLS under
  Forecasts -> National Weather Service Menu
Added New Page for NWS Todays Weather Story under
  Maps -> NWS Todays Weather Story
2010-04-24 Added Hazardous Weather Condition to Severe Weather Menu
Added Metro Skywarn Links in Left Column and Severe Weather Menu
Added NOAA Storm Reports for Yesterday to Severe Weather Menu
Added NOAA SPC Day 2 Convective Outlook to
  Severe Weather Menu -> Storm Prediction -> Convection
Added Contact Form to About Menu
Updated Weather Station Status Page Under About Menu
Added Historical Rain Information under Almanac -> Rain -> Historical
Now Publishing Weather to Personal Weather Station site.
  Link Under Published Menu
2010-04-22 Complete Redesign of the coonrapidsweather.net site
In addition added new storm information to the Severe Weather drop-down menu
2010-03-16 Added Live Area Forecast Discussions & Current Conditions to Home Page on left side bar from Ham Weather.
Moved NOAA Weather Radio Feeds from top of page to left side bar
Added new section to left side bar to include Live Weather Streams
Moved Current weather condition images to top of left side bar
2010-03-15 Added Live NWS Feed on Home Page from Weather Underground. Need to click Play button to hear, Pause button to stop.
2010-01-02 Modified one of the PHP Scripts Due to Change in Report Format for Monthly Files for Weather Display V10.37Q-10
2009-12-13 I think I have completed the rebuild of coonrapidsweather.net
I will continue to do checkout
2009-12-08 After some hard drive issues the site is back up and running once again.
All of the lost pages have not yet been restored; however I would expect that within a couple of days the full site should be restored.
While I am rebuilding the site some of the links may not be operational and may point to pages that don't exist.
Thank you for your patience as I rebuild coonrapidsweather.net.
2009-06-25 Removed Mesomap Live from menu; no license
Removed Average Temperatures Page; Almanac --> Averages
Add new page to Almanac Menu; Almanac --> Temperature --> Averages
Add new page to Almanac Menu; Almanac --> Temperature --> Ranges
2009-06-24 Added following items to Almanac --> Records page.
(a) Humidity information
(b) Dew Point information
(c) Pressure information
Added New Average Temperatures Page to Almanac --> Averages
2009-06-20 Redesigned the mobile web site
2009-06-15 Added several rain related items to the mobile web site
2009-05-20 Added a Mobile Weather Page
Added a button from the left menu called Mobile that links to the new mobile page
2009-05-17 Added 2 new pages to web site to display detailed weather maps from Weather Underground.
Located under Forecast --> Maps --> Weather Underground 1
Forecast --> Maps --> Weather Underground 2
2009-05-16 Added new page to web site to display record values for several different catagories.
Located under Almanac --> Records
2009-05-15 Updated the About this Web Site page to reflect actual station information; weather station location city history; web site change log

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